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In Chaos We Trust

by Siriun

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Mass Control 03:55
New generations born Designed to be controlled Indoctrinate their conceptions to maintain their status quo Deep inside your brain Your feelings are restrained Persuade to domesticate Turning you into a commodity Slaves of modern times Where labeled and mechanized To just believe in lies This cycle never expires The eyes cannot see beyond The walls of perception Alienation made us weak But strong for system's need Programmed minds In structured patterns The essence is neglected The self becomes the master Mind parasites Sucking all your life Predators of mankind Building your demise Manipulate the masses through deception Herd behavior mankind has been anesthetized Those who do not move do not notice their chains Inoculated fear Repressive machinery Inertia opposing action No way to liberation
Infected 04:55
I've been put into this path This journey leads me to nowhere The more i fight the less i go forward Lost and disturbed Disorder concatenated in thoughts The way i feel is that My mind imprison me There is no choice for me The future i can't see Dark instincts rises Primal behaviors antagonize With rational thoughts that humanizes me Shadow Archetype Unleashed by dystopia Psychotic outbreak Anomie filed me Unconscious control Withdraws all my hope Failed to equalize The shades of light inside my mind System's repression throws me into the darkness Shattered psyche Disrupted flow of consciousness The way of balance I can't reach it This outside energy Controls me Infected Mind Projecting the outside Infected Mind No light inside
Hate is fate Justifying rage Irrationality lead us To a primitive state of mind Regret to the Talion ages Dogmatic power transcends human relations A fucking dope society Plastic sensations Deep in the root of it A morbid love for violence Revenge with your own hands Your madness will be sated Spread of Hate Speech of ignorance Words of dissonance Sectarian behavior Spilling belligerence The ethics No longer exists Spread of Hate
Cosmogenesis 01:15
A Primitive force Generating the universe Unleashing your fury Through the clutter of structures From the ether arise Divine materialize The dialectics of mind The birth of space and time Nonlinear behavior Deterministic restraint Unpredictable causalities But savagery remains Complexity of chaotic patterns Simplicity of perennial creation Humanity had lost the awareness The link is gone in a selfish society At the grand apotheosis of war We delight ourselves with the corpses on the floor The cult of death Civilization downfall Atrocities Empire of ignorance Deep rooted patterns Violence institution Acephalous hordes Control state ascension The circus is built To celebrate the gore Evolution took the way To an involutionary state The collapse of humankind The genesis of a new sight Strong forces of the entropy Dynamically facing the opposites Redeem philosophy A new time Our motto will be In Chaos We Trust A new breed A new cognition A new beginning A new vision No more bounds Far beyond our conditionings Transcend the time Transcend old paradigms Originate the new existence Cathartic point The shifting Energy flows Emptiness is filled in Perpetual motion Nature's epiphany Face the new hyperspace Face the cosmogenic state
The substance is refined Transmutation of your mind The metaphor of light The connection with the divine The awakening is bound To an alchemical compound Everything transforms Everything evolves The search for the stone The journey Guides me to the most high The alchemy of life The elixir The essence never dies Understanding natural Transformation processes From raw material To the finest element Purify to achieve Perfection and completeness Reborn to a new life The spirit becomes wide Regenerate the soul Uncover the unknown Hermetic wisdom unfold As above so below Wake The Magnum Opus The Quintessence Omnipresent Omniscient Wake
Intent 04:36
I'll face the sky And let my spirit rise On the horizon i see The lines of the universe Open the gates of consciousness Witness the freedom Guided by the Intent To the emptiness I'll break the barriers of time And discover the truth That was hidden from my eyes See the energy flowing Straight from the source I'll fly on the wings of Intent I can feel quantum fields For my sight there is no limit Far beyond In other dimensions I will float towards the infinite
Existence Homogeneous ways of life Fate Lead us to the same site Pretend To be what others are like Fake Design of humankind Inside my brain Inside my world I will become the opposite To oppose And transcend the common sense The antithesis of the standard To learn Instead of copy verdicts Seek What is my real essence Control my way Control my fate I will become aware The mind that traps also releases you Its a matter of wisdom Know thyself and meet the universe Clarify the thoughts Witness the mystery of being alive Explore the wilderness The path to knowledge unveils the stars I know that I will break All the chains Destroy the lies And rule my mind Fear is the enemy that freezes you And stops the shifting You are addicted to the patterns you've learned Detach Go beyond the structures of the self The root of the I A new gestalt is shown in front of your eyes Because I will break All the chains Destroy the lies And rule my mind New Reality interpretation Death Of the old me Control my way Control my fate I will become aware


SIRIUN is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Alexandre Castellan.
The band brings a furious and blistering merging of varied creative winds within extreme metal.
Driven by a forward thinking, a intensively striking and a ferocious proposal, their upcoming debut album 'In Chaos We Trust', also features the renowned heavy hitter drummer Kevin Talley(Chimaira, Suffocation, Six Feet Under).


released April 20, 2018

All Music and Lyrics by Alexandre Castellan

Album lineup:

Alexandre Castellan - Guitar/Vocals
Hugo Machado - Bass
Kevin Talley - Drums


all rights reserved



Siriun Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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